Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I apologise for the lack of posts however I have little to post about to be honest, I have made little if any progress since the launch of Railworks 4: Trainsimulator 2013. This has been due to the world editor constantly crashing, to give you an idea of how bad this problem has been the progress I have made is to add 15 OLE pieces around Dinworth. Which is looking a lot better after the addition of some rather tall buildings (which were added before RW 4: TS2013) from London to Brighton and the North East Corridor Route, including the Shard and Empire state building (which has a rather nice view of the station from the top of it, I might add a picture when I sort the problem out. I feel that these buildings help to make Dinworth feel less flat and add some nice features to look at.

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